Frankel Synagogue Budapest – Who we are?



Press appearances of the Frankel Synagogue, Budapest, Hungary



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What kind of synagogue is the Frankel?

We are the most friendly and active synagogue in Budapest.

Our community is famous about welcoming young families with children.

We have playing room and activities for the children during services.

We are a Neolog synagogue which is the main stream denomination in Hungary.

It’s somewhere between Conservative and Modern Orthodox.

– Men and women sit separated but without mechitzah.

– We are not egalitarian: women are not counted to the minyan neither called for aliyah.

– Most of our congregants rather celebrate than keep Shabat :)


Frankel Synagogue services

Opposit to other countries the real community “action” is taking place on Friday night

and not on Saturday morning. We have about 100-120 visitors on Friday night and

about 20-25 on Saturday morning. If you want to meet our members and get the taste

of our community life you better come on Friday evening.

Kabalat Shabat starts

– during summer time (beginning of April till end of October) : 6:30PM,

– during winter time (from beginning of November till end of March): 6:00 PM.

We have Family Kabalat Shabat on Friday night paralell with the regular service.

Saturday morning service always starts at 10:00 AM.

For holiday services please visit our Calendar.