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What kind of synagogue is the Frankel?

We are the most friendly and active synagogue in Budapest.

There are 400 seats in the synagogue that was built in 1888. In the 1920’s a block building was

built around it to protect it.

Our community is famous about welcoming young families with children.

We have playing room and activities for the children during services.

We are a Neolog synagogue which is the main stream denomination in Hungary.

It’s somewhere between Conservative and Modern Orthodox.

– Men and women sit separated but without mechitzah.

– We are not egalitarian: women are not counted to the minyan neither called for aliyah.

– Most of our congregants rather celebrate than keep Shabat 🙂

Frankel Synagogue services

Opposit to other countries the real community „action” is taking place on Friday night

and not on Saturday morning. We have about 100-120 visitors on Friday night and

about 20-25 on Saturday morning. If you want to meet our members and get the taste

of our community life you better come on Friday evening.

Kabalat Shabat and Family Kabalat Shabat

– during summer time (beginning of April till end of October) starts at 6:30PM,

– during winter time (from beginning of November till end of March) starts at 6:00 PM.

We have Family Kabalat Shabat on every Friday evening paralell with the regular service.

Saturday morning service always starts at 10:00 AM.

For holiday services time please visit our Calendar.

High Holidays

If you are in Budapest during the High holidays and would like to particopate on our services please contact us in advance. You can reserve a seat fot 10 USD.

Sunday School

Frankel leo synagogue has a long past tradition of running Sunday School. Even in the Communist era Sunday School was run (Rabbi Vero was a student of it in the 70’s). Beside giving informal education we build youth community every Sunday at 10:00.  More info …


rabbi HungaryPhd. Rabbi Tamas Vero – senior rabbi of the Frankel synagogue since 2002. Rabbi Vero was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of Budapest. Beside being the rabbi of the synagogue Rabbi Vero is active in several other Jewish community projects. He is the rabbi of the Scheiber Community School and Benjamin Kindergarten, the Lauder-Joint International Jewish Summer Camp in Szarvas, the Veszprem Jewish Community (city 120 km from Budapest). He is one of the founder and activist of the March of The Living program in Hungary. Rabbi Vero puts very strong emphasis on children’s and youth community building. „Tomi Rabbi” is popular among every generation between 0-120.

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 Linda Vero-Ban– rebbetzen and education director of the Frankel synagogue. Linda was gratuated in Art History at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She was a Wallenberg fellow on the one year program of Paideia, Teh European Institute for Jewish Studies in Stockholm, Sweden. Linda builds up and organises children’s informal educational progarms. She the author of the Bee Jewish Interactive Identity Books series which helps thousand of European Jewish families to find their way back to Judaism. The books are published in Hungarian, Englsh, German, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Croatian and French.


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Mr. Peter Tordai is the president of the Frankel synagogue. Also fulfill several position in the Jewish community. Mr. Tordai is a businessman in private life and an active grandfather of four grandchildren.